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Items You're Better Off Buying Second Hand

October 22, 2019

With some products it simply doesn’t make sense to buy new at full price when invariably you can find the same quality buying second hand. By doing so you can often see your savings quickly multiply. Here are examples of some of the best items to consider buying second hand.

Car - Probably the first thing that springs to mind would be a car. Did you know if you buy a new car it depreciates by up to 20% as soon as you drive out of the car yard! Even just going for last year’s model can be a huge saving. Once a car is over five years old you can expect to get only a third of the original price.

Books - Both text books and reading books. Nowadays you can of course buy online making huge savings. However for those who enjoy the feeling of holding a book there is an abundance of second hand book stores and book fairs. Another option is to ask your friends or on facebook, invariably someone will have finished the book you are after and happy to pass on or sell at a very good price. For text books often your college or learning facility will have a library or rental department you can use if it is not a book you will need on-going.

Children’s Clothing - Often you can find some wonderful items through friends and family, websites for swapping or buying/selling second hand clothes and of course shops such as your local Hospice or Salvation Army store always have some great bargains. In fact, while you are at it there are often great bargains for adults as well as a book section too!

Pets - It almost seems a sin to pay the hundreds of dollars you can do for pets in a store when there is such an abundance of abandoned and yet loving, beautiful pets at the SPCA and other shelters. If you are considering getting a pet make sure you check these out first - you may be there last hope for a good home!

Formal clothing - Whether a wedding gown, ball gown or dinner jacket there are so many people that head out and spend the earth to wear something just once! You can make some wonderful savings. Also designer stores can sometimes have seconds on sale at significant savings often with flaws barely noticeable!

Video games and DVDs - Once someone has completed the game or seen the movie more than 4-5 times it is time to move on and you can take advantage and get some great bargains.

Home Gym Equipment - Yes, the fad comes, the fad goes and so often equipment merely sits in someone’s garage or spare room collecting dust. Do check on the condition but generally so many people lose interest before the equipment has barely been used!

Hand Tools - Simple tools with few moving parts, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc can last for decades if well made and maintained and often easy to find in garage sales or online.

Musical Instruments - Particularly when your child is starting out buying new is not wise. Either second hand or perhaps rental can give you an idea of how long their interest will last. If the interest continues and the ability is good you can change your stance later.

Bicycles - Like cars new season bikes come out all the time. Do check the condition of the bike and also ensure it isn’t stolen! Also if you can wait until the cooler months you can often get better bargains on bikes from those who no longer want to brave the elements!

So much of what we buy devalues as soon as we open the box or walk out the store so save yourself some dollars and use it for something else you enjoy!

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