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Parks and Playgrounds

Albany Parks and Playgrounds
Bluebird Reserve, Bluebird Crescent, Albany
Bronzewing Reserve, Rifleman Rise, Bronzewing Terrace, Albany
Bushlands Park, Albany Expressway, Albany
Centorian Reserve, Centorian Place, Albany
Collins Park, Greenhithe Rd, Albany
Devonshire Reserve, Devonshire Road, Albany
Exeter Reserve, Tyrico Close, Exeter Place, Devonshire Drive, Albany
Fernhill Reserve, Medallion Drive, Albany
Fields Reserve, Gleanor Ave, Albany
George Deane Place Reserve, George Dean Place, Fernbank Lane, Albany
Glen Bay Close, Albany
Hooton Reserve, Oteha Valley Rd, Mills Lane, Albany
Kell Park, Kell Rd, Georgia Terrace, SH 1, Albany
Meadowood Reserve, Meadowood Drive, Albany
Northwood Reserve, Rosedale Rd, Northwood Ave, Syracuse Place, Albany
Parkwood Reserve, Graham Collins Drive, Albany
Ponderosa Reserve, East Coast Rd, Albany
Rosedale Park, Albany
Schnapper Rock - Albany, Oakway Drive - An enticing playground with wooden stepping stones and a water play area with a large spiral hand-pump. A 7.5m spacenet and rope bridge plus a mini soccer pitch, tall swings and cycling humps
Schopolo Playground - Albany, Schopolo Place - A spacenet, lookout, swings and slides and good views. Also a walkway from the playground, up the Te Wharau Creek and back to the Wainoni Park North playground
Shelter Reserve, Shelter Drive, Albany
Taroka Reserve, Taroka Close, Albany
Unsworth Reserve, Unsworth Drive, Albany
Wentworth Park, Albany Highway, Albany
Wharf Reserve, Wharf Rd, Albany

Birkenhead/Northcote Parks and Playgrounds
Birkenhead War Memorial Park, Mahara Ave, Birkenhead/Northcote
Cadness Loop, Cadness Street, Birkenhead/Northcote
Heath Reserve, Heath Ave, Birkenhead/Northcote
Hinemoa Park, Hinemoa St, Birkenhead/Northcote
Inwards Reserve, Salisbury Rd, Birkenhead/Northcote
Island Bay Reserve, Island Bay Rd, Birkenhead/Northcote
Jean Simpson Reserve, Queen St, Birkenhead/Northcote
Lenihan Reserve, Lake Rd, Birkenhead
Lindisfarne, Lake Rd, Tonar Str, Birkenhead
Little Shoal Bay, Maritime Terrace, Birkenhead/Northcote
Nell Fisher Reserve, Birkenhead
Neptune Avenue Reserve, Neptune Ave, Birkenhead/Northcote
Portsea Reserve, Portsea Place, Chelsea View Drive, Birkenhead/Northcote
Rotary Grove, Lake Rd, Birkenhead/Northcote
Shepherds Park, John Bracken Way, Beach Haven Rd, Birkenhead/Northcote
Stafford Park, Stafford Rd, Birkenhead/Northcote
Taurus Crescent Reserve, Taurus Crescent, Birkenhead/Northcote
Tui Park, Gazelle Ave, Birkenhead/Northcote
Vandeleur Reserve, Vandeleur Rd, Birkenhead/Northcote

Castor Bay Parks and Playgrounds
Castor Bay Reserve, Beach Rd, Castor Bay - The park has a nice playground for small children as well as easy beach access.

Devonport Parks and Playgrounds
Achilles Crescent Reserve, Achilles Crescent, Devonport
Allenby Reserve, Allenby Avenue, Devonport
Aramoana Reserve, Aramoana Avenue, Devonport
Bath Street Reserve, Bath Street, Devonport
Bayswater Park, Bayswater (King Edward) Ave, Rosyth Ave, Roberts Ave, Devonport
Belmont Gardens, Alamein Ave, Devonport
Devonport Domain, Cambridge Terrace, Devonport
Devonport Park - Beside the library on the waterfront by the ferry terminal. Large reserve area with slides, swings and a large climbing area.
Kawerau Reserve, Kawerau Ave, Devonport
Kennedy Park (off Beach Rd, near Campbells Bay) - Kennedy Park has a great playground with interesting play equipment and a big park
Kiwi Reserve, Kiwi Rd, Devonport
Lansdowne Reserve, Lansdowne Rd, Devonport
Melrose Reserve, Shoal Bay Rd, Devonport
Montgomery Reserve, Wicklow Rd, Devonport
Narrow Neck Beach, Wairoa Rd, Devonport
Plymouth Reserve, Plymouth Crescent, Devonport
Stanley Bay Park, Glen Rd, Devonport
Wairoa Road Reserve, Devonport
Windsor Reserve, Victoria Rd, Devonport

East Coast Bays Parks and Playgrounds
Bayside Drive, Bayside Drive, East Coast Bays
Beach Reserves - Browns Bay, Valley Rd, East Coast Bays
Beach Reserves - Mairangi Bay, Whitby Cres, East Coast Bays
Beach Reserves - Murrays Bay, Torquay St, East Coast Bays
Beach Reserves - Rothesay Bay, Masterton Rd, East Coast Bays
Beach Reserves - Waiake Beach, Manly Esp, Churchill Rd, East Coast Bays
Cairnbrae Reserve, Coast Rd, East Coast Bays
Cranston Street Reserve, Cranston Rd, East Coast Bays
Okura Reserve, Okura River Rd, East Coast Bays - With an excellent fast flying fox plus skate park with grind rails. There is also swings, a spinner, basketball, and netball hoops plus items for younger children
Sherwood Reserve, Stapleford Crescent, Mistletoe Place, Walnut Lane, East Coast Bays
Stredwick Reserve, Stredwick Dr, East Coast Bays
Woodridge Reserve, Coast Rd, East Coast Bays

Glenfield Parks and Playgrounds
Camelot Reserve, Camelot Pl, Battle Pl, Glenfield
Elliott Reserve, Elliott Ave, Glenfield
Fernwood Grove, Fernwood Pl, Glenfield
Glenfield/Hillcrest opposite McFetteridge Park soccer grounds, Glenfield
Kaipatiki Park, Kaipatiki Rd, Manuka Rd, Segedin Pl, Waverley Ave, Glenfield
Lancelot Reserve, Lancelot Pl, Neal Ave, Glenfield
Linley Reserve, Mountbatten Ave, Lynley Pl, Hume Dr, Glenfield
Locket Reserve, Bruce Rd, Locket Rd, Archers Rd, Glenfield
Lynn Reserve, Lynn Rd, Eugen Place, Glenfield
Manuka Reserve, Manuka Rd, Glenfield
Marlborough Park, Chartwell Ave, Archers Rd, Glenfield
Monarch Park, Mannering Pl, Moore St, Monarch Ave, McDonell Cr, Glenfield
Normanton Park, Ashfield Rd, Glenfield - A wendy house, a Rocktopus, a large and safe bicycle track, swings and slides
Northboro Reserve in Hauraki Corner, Takapuna - Flying fox, climbing frame, slides, basketball area and also a good place for bikes and scooters.
Park Reserve, Park Rd, Roberts Rd, Glenfield
Pemberton Reserve, Pemberton Drive, Glenfield
Powrie Reserve, Powrie St, Sunward Rise, Glenfield
Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire Place, Glenfield
Spinella Reserve, Spinella Drive, Glenfield
Stanaway Reserve, Stanaway St, Sylvia Rd, Glenfield
Tamahere Reserve, Tamahere Drive, Redfern Lane, Seaview Rd, Glenfield
Windy Ridge Reserve, Windy Ridge Rd, Valley View Rd, Seaview Rd, Glenfield

Greenhithe Parks and Playgrounds
Durbin Reserve in Greenhithe
Greenhithe War Memorial Park, Roland Rd, Greenhithe
Wainoni Playground, Churchouse Rd, Greenhithe - Wainoni Park is set amongst acres of green grass with horses grazing across the paddock and a large cricket ground next door is Wainoni Park. The playground has kept the country-feel of the surrounds including an old tractor to climb on, a may-pole, swings, a slide and an interactive water feature

Hibiscus Coast Parks and Playgrounds
Stanmore Bay Park, Brightside Rd, Whangaparaoa - Beach fronts are great places for playgrounds and there is a large playground. With a unique lullaby swing

Hobsonville Parks and Playgrounds
Hobsonville Pt, Buckley Ave, Hobsonville - A "forest floor"-themed Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Kids-style playground with a mixture of classic play elements and unique "experiential" creative play structures such as an abstract fort, giant fantail nests and scaled-up seedpods. There is plenty to keep the kids interested

Mairangi Bay Parks and Playgrounds
Mairangi Bay Park - 5 minute walk to the beach at the back of the shops. This park is fully fenced and has slides, swings, playhut, good area to ride little bikes and scooters and close to shops
Mairangi Bay Village Green, Sidmouth St, Beach Rd, East Coast Bays

Milford Parks and Playgrounds
Milford Beach Park, northern end of Craig Road in Milford - Slides, swings, monkey bars and a big reserve by the beach
Northcote Parks and Playgrounds
Onepoto Domain, Sylvan Ave, Northcote - A great playground for kids of all ages, swings, slides, flying fox. Also a great area for kids to ride scooters or bikes. A pond with ducks, a bicycle track and two playgrounds including a very long slide, a nature trail and a range of climbing frames

Takapuna Parks and Playgrounds
Belle Verde Reserve, Belle Verde Dr, Takapuna
Bond Reserve, Bond Cres, Takapuna
Celeste Reserve, Celeste Pl, Takapuna
Greville Reserve, Christensen Pl, Takapuna
Highgrove Reserve, Sunset Rd, Takapuna
Huntly Road Reserve, Huntly Rd, Takapuna
Knightsbridge Reserve, Knightsbridge Dr, Selwyn Crescent, Takapuna
Leiden Reserve, Target Rd, Takapuna
Linwood Reserve, Linwood Ave, Takapuna
Nile Reserve, Nile Rd, Takapuna
Northcroft Esplanade Reserve, Northcroft Lane, Takapuna
Rewi Alley Reserve, Athena Dr, Takapuna
Seine Reserve, Tiber Rd, Takapuna
Selwyn Reserve, Selwyn Cres, Takapuna
Sunnynook Park, Sunnynook Rd, Takapuna
Takapuna Rose Gardens, Anzac Str, Lake Rd, Takapuna
Target Reserve, Target Rd, Takapuna
Teviot Reserve, Teviot Pl, Takapuna
Totaravale Reserve, Totaravale Dr, Takapuna
Wanita Reserve, Target Rd, Takapuna
William Souter Reserve, William Souter St, Takapuna

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