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Create Good Web Content in 8 Simple Steps

October 21, 2019

Answer the Queries - To be able to produce good web content the first thing you need to understand is what your user is searching for and be able to provide them with the answers.

For example, if you sell cane furniture your end user may be looking for an outdoor lounging set for around the swimming pool. Your content must demonstrate your knowledge about what furniture pieces can be left out in the weather, if you provide waterproof or weather proof cushions, sizes, dimensions, colour schemes. Good content will also provide details on how and where your furniture is manufactured, different finishes and if your company works alongside a country with it's fair trade principles make sure your care and support is clearly shown in your content. Provide the answers to their questions.

Allow for Interaction - If you are able allow for an area for comments. Encourage questions, especially those sometimes unexpected questions, eg Is cane appropriate to use for the base of a bed? for you to provide more information without initial overload.

Use Visuals - Use images and videos. We all know visual learners are one of the highest percentages of our population. Plus, of course, in a world increasing full of traffic and short on time, images can be the first attraction to people moving on to your more graphic content. There are lots of options now including slideshare, diagrams, short animations, videos and, of course, just a good appealing image.

Bullets - In web writing lists or highlighted bullet points are often a good way to catch a user's eye.

Headlines - Strong Headlines should be inviting. Stats quote 80% of people read your headlines but only 20% read the content! Create interest through that headline but it does of course need to be relevant to your content! Consider your audience then craft your headline, eg a florist catering to the wedding market could write an article on the most popular flowers in wedding bouquets, she's an expert, knows her local market both floral and wedding styles and seasons so which article headline would be more attractive to read the content -

"Popular Bouquet Flowers"; or "Top Blooms that ...

...won't wilt at your Summer Wedding" ...will bring magic to your Winter Wedding"

Short, Sharp Content - Keep your paragraphs short. Three or four lines creates the illusion of short, sharp snippets as opposed to a half page paragraph giving the illusion of monotonous drone.

Personalise - Create your own unique style and tone in your writing. Make yourself personable to your readers. Let them feel that they know you so they can build up a relationship and trust with you. We all know we wouldn't buy something from somebody we don't trust.

Accuracy - Make sure what you are saying is accurate! If you are quoting stats link to the stat source. This is not only giving credibility to your stat but also showing you have researched your topic. 

Once complete step back from your article. Go back to it later and re- read. Take out unnecessary words. The word "that" for example is almost always superfluous. Make sure your information reads fluidly and each fact gives a complete picture and finally ask yourself, if you wanted information on the topic you are writing on, do you think you would find your article useful?

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