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Core Curricular Subjects: Why Learn Maths?

October 21, 2019

Has your child ever asked you this question? And what was your answer? Here are a few facts and arguments you can use in the future.

When learning many can't understand the benefits of maths beyond the basic calculation of daily things. However maths is important in all aspects of our lives.

Maths equips us with many tools including -

· Logical reasoning

· Ability to think in abstract ways

· Problem solving skills

Maths develops the imagination and trains us to be able to think clearly. Maths is also important in the development of language. You would be amazed at how often the language of maths crops up in your daily conversations; talking about time, money, temperature, technology, planning trips, shopping, cooking, designing plans ...

Mathematics is important in many everyday employment situations, science and technology, medicine, the economy, the environment and development, and in public decision-making. Think of the jobs that require maths these include doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers, technology services, lawyers, marketing, building, designers just to name a few.

Maths is invariably used, and often without realisation, to find the right concepts and methods to make difficult things easy, to explaining why a situation is how it is. By using maths skills you develop language and insights into our understanding and appreciation of the world.

Maths isn't just numbers and is all about patterns too. Imagine a fashion designer trying to develop a concept without maths abilities!

Increasingly, employers are looking for graduates with strong skills in reasoning and problem solving.

Finally of course everyone nowadays has a computer. The computer itself is a machine built upon the principles of mathematics.

So whilst you may think you don't use maths or hate the subject, just imagine how you would get on calculating your change at the shop, working out if you can afford that much anticipated trip, reading your bank statement or baking that cake if you had no, or very limited, concept and knowledge of that often dreaded subject - mathematics!

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