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A Guinea Pig as a Pet

October 22, 2019

Thinking about having a guinea pig as a pet? For many guinea pigs are ideal pets for kids and families as they are cute, cuddly, tolerant of boisterous kiddies and are relatively low maintenance. Here are six good reasons to own a Guinea Pig:

  • They are affectionate and social
  • They are inexpensive to buy and maintain, and rarely bite
  • They don't require vaccinations and are not prone to disease
  • They won't rip up your house
  • They don't smell, because unlike their fellow rodents, they don't have musk glands
  • They don't require a lot of space and are thus ideal for people living in small homes like apartments or townhouses.

However, guinea pigs can be messy!

Guinea pigs are herbivores and require a high-fibre diet. They should have grass or grass hay available at all times. Lucernce or clover hay can be offered but not as the sole source of fibre as they are high in calcium and protein. Suitable grasses include clover, buffalo grass and oat grass. Guinea pigs also enjoy dandelion, milk thistle and a variety of fresh herbs.

If you are a clean freak you might want to think twice about a guinea pig. They are slobs. They poo in their food, water and bedding. They scatter their bed into their water and their water into their food. So because they can't do it, you need to check, clean and restock their food and water containers daily.


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