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Linku2 SMART Print Pricing

All local businesses who advertise with a SMART Link Plan are automatically included in seasonal booklet directory listings.

Booklets are in circulation for a 3 month period, Summer (Dec-Feb), Autumn (March-May), Winter (June-Aug), Spring (Sept-Nov).

Advert Examples

SMART Print Plans

10% discount for non-profits. 1/3 page colour and above (colour) have option of full page editorial -(see conditions below)


65 x 45 mm
$50.00 b/w - $65.00 colour

1/4 Page

65 x 90 mm
$95.00 b/w - $125.00 colour

1/3 Page

130 x 65 mm
$125.00 b/w - $140.00 colour

1/2 Page

130 x 90 mm
$145.00 b/w - $165.00 colour

Full Page

130 x 190 mm
$170.00 b/w - $195.00 colour

Cover - Colour only

Inside full page - $225.00
Back outside - $235.00
All adverts get -

Print Booklet advert
Corresponding linked web advert
Part of social media programme (1/4 page colour and above only)

Payment Options

SMART Print Plans are due in one payment within 7 days of the invoice issue. Prices quoted above are plus GST

Booklet examples ..

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