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Pre-Purchase Home Building Inspections

A professional home building inspection from A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections will help you gain awareness and valuable information about a home before purchase giving you and your family peace of mind.

Pre-Sale Home Building Inspections

Home building inspections are not just for home buyers. Home sellers also gain peace of mind by investing in a thorough home inspection prior to putting a house up for sale.

Other Inspection Services -

  • Renovation Deficiency Inspections
  • Home Maintenance Inspections
  • New Home Warranty Inspection Services

Our building reports are carried out by fully qualified home inspectors and have completed and passed over 400 hours of specialised home inspection training.

Building Reports

In today's real estate market over 95% of real estate transactions involve a professional Home Inspection. These services improve consumer confidence and lead to an increase in the success rate of home sales.

Meth Testing

All prudent purchasers will now get a methamphetamine, meth or P test done as well as a building inspection. Book at the same time as your building inspection.

Phil Yang - Qualified Home Inspector

Phil is a friendly, helpful, detail-oriented and trustworthy person. With 15 years experience in the construction industry Phil is a fully trained and qualified building inspector. Phil will help you with a professional and comprehensive house inspection which will give you peace of mind.

Established in 2006, the team at First Rate Mortgages Ltd have had many years experience in both banking, broking and in business as well as personal experience as home owners, investors and working on their own builds and renovations.

Home Loans

With over 68 years of financial and home loans experience in NZ, the team at First Rate Mortgages Ltd have developed a reputation for providing professional and quality services to first home buyers, understanding home loans, and in particular low deposit home loans.

They are committed to providing a comprehensive service with a focus on each individual client. We can help whether you are First Home Buyer, New Home Build, Buying a New Home, Using Kiwisaver Savings and a Home Starter Grant, Needing Bridging Finance or Want to find out more about interest rates, Call Us.

You are always welcome to subscribe to our newsletter which you can Subscribe here for regular articles and updates.

Property Investments

Talk to our rental investments specialists for money management and debt advice and make smarter choices and decisions. First Rate Mortgages Ltd go above and beyond traditional banks and mortgage advisors to help you buy your first rental and look after your rental investments. If you would like to look at Buying your first rental investment, adding to your Rental Property Portfolio or consider Commercial Property Finance, Call Us.

Refinancing and Debt Consolidation

First Rate Mortgages Ltd is one of New Zealand's leading experts when it comes to debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing, and helping clients with top ups on an existing mortgage.

Their services are tailored to your specific needs, and they have helped hundreds of clients with mortgage refinancing when traditional banks have been unable to. If you would like to look at Debt Consolidation, Topping Up Your Mortgage or Mortgage Refinancing, Call Us.

Our Bank Said No!

First Rate Mortgages Ltd are a lender that specialises in Non Bank lending and home loans that banks can't always help with, such as self-employed, a start-up business, release of equity, payment of IRD tax arrears, saving a mortgagee sale, or applying for a bad credit home loan. Whether it's A Bad Credit Rating, you need Self-Employed / No Financials Home Loan or need a Second Mortgage, or whether you need a Low Doc loan which helps if you are self-employed or on commission only, Call Us.

As advised we also service non-bank lending - please check our Non-Bk Ltd - Non bank mortgage lending page on this site or go directly to our website at

With the choice of lenders still very limited and credit policy becoming increasingly tight, there are many genuine potential borrowers just looking for help when their bank has turned them away.

NonBk Ltd pride themselves on having a strong focus on finding Non Bank lending solutions for all New Zealanders.

Kim Lyons Mortgage Broker

The Non Bank Lending Specialist. Kim Lyons is the owner of First Rate Mortgages Ltd. The Non Bank (NonBk Ltd) website was built by him as a New Zealand first, and Kim works with a very experienced support team in his Orewa office, along with two additional mortage brokers helping with enquiries in Auckland and throughout NZ.

While dealing with most mainstream banks, Kim can also offer specialist Non Bank lending advice and services.

Non Bank Home Loans

Non Bank lenders can help with low deposit home loans with just a 10% deposit. They specialise in Non Bank financing for spec builds, 80% rental investments, those wanting to apply for a bad credit home loan, refinancing and debt consolidation or clients needing top ups and bridging finance. Click on the following links for further information

Bad Credit Home Loans | Non Bank Credit Refinance | Non Bank Bridging Finance | Non Bank Low Deposit | Non Bank New Builds | Non Bank Rental 80%.

Second Mortgages

With the RBNZ LVR limitations of 80% lending on owner occupied homes and 65% on rentals, we are often asked to assist first home buyers with 90% funding, using a second mortgage, or rental investors looking for additional funds for renovations, or additional purchases. Click on the following links for further information -

Second Mortgage Debt Consolidation | Second Mortage Business and IRD | Second Mortgage New Homes and Bridging

Non Bank Low Doc

Non bank low doc home loans, equity release, and refinancing is now available in NZ for up to 80% of valuation with minimal income verification required.

A low doc home loan can allow those who are self-employed, on contract or seasonal work, or those who run a small business to apply for a loan from a Non Bank provider. Click on the following links for further information -

Non Bank Low Doc Equity Release | Non Bank Low Doc Home Loans | Non Bank Low doc Refinance.

Commercial Lending

As commercial mortgage brokers dealing with New Zealand lenders, we specialise in commercial financing, with property loans up to 65%. Commercial property development loans with Non Bank lenders can be arranged for residential development and commercial projects, such as spec builds, investment, or home and land developments. Click on the following links for further information -

Non Bank Commercial Property Investment | Non Bank Development and Construction | Non Bank Owner Occupied

As well as specialising in Non-bank mortgages we also deal with all other mortgage finance service. Check out what else we can do for you through our First Rate Mortgage Brokers page on this site or visit us directly at

North Shore Mortgage Brokers

iLender put your best interests first and not the Bank by offering impartial advice.

They do this as all Lenders who they do business with pay about the same in commissions therefore the best fit is found for the customers circumstances.

Auckland based Mortgage Brokers, iLender help customers across North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and all New Zealand and overseas with New Zealand property purchases through their online services as well as their personalised local services.

iLender -

  • Is Independent of any Lender or Bank
  • Has over 20 years experience in the Mortgage market
  • Is the highest rated Broker on TradeMe
  • All Banks who they do business with pay about the same so it's you, as the customer, that matters
  • Does the work at no cost to you (mainstream Bank mortgages)
  • Advises on checking out important sides of the purchase including legal structure, Wills and Insurance
  • Helps First Home Buyers
  • Advises People Moving Upmarket
  • Offers Investment Property Buyers Guidance, and yes, up to 80% is still available
  • Assists with sourcing Bridging and Short term Finance

First Home Buyers Mortgage Options

iLender offer the best mortgages for first home buyers.

If you are new to the mortgage market iLender can help by answering all your questions and helping you into your first home as quickly as possible.

Read more on First Home Buyer mortgage opportunities ...

Investment Mortgage Options

iLender are New Zealand's experts in Investment Mortgages. By buying an investment property, you're assuring you will have a plan in place for future living arrangements and be able to grow your assets over time.

Read more on Investment Mortgage options ...

Jason King has over 30 years experience in the locksmithing industry.

He learnt his trade with an apprenticeship at the largest NZ locksmith firm, where he worked for the next 18 years. Here, he developed expertise across all aspects of the trade. He was involved in work across major projects, including the installation of high security prison locks, and opening and servicing safes in major banks and jewellery stores, alongside working with residential and commercial premises to ensure safe and secure properties.

With these years of experience, he's seen it all, and understands that trust, reliability, understanding and discretion are all part of the job.

With King Locksmiths, you deal direct with an experienced locksmith. Jason is committed to providing friendly and flexible service, priding himself on delivering a more personal touch. We know that you're trusting us with the safety and security of your most important people or places.

King Locksmiths is a MLAA Business Member (Master Locksmiths Association Of Australasia), a Qualified Master Locksmith, and a certified Site Safe Member.

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